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GPS-Mate Download - PDA's, smartphones and tablets

GPS-Mate for PDA/Smartphone (German/English)

PocketPC, Windows Mobile 2003/SE, Windows Mobile 5.0 for Pocket PC (Phone Edition), Windows Mobile 6.x Professional/Classic
z.B. ASUS A63x; HTC P4350, Touch Diamond, Touch Pro, Touch HD; Samsung OMNIA i900, OMNIA 2; Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1; FS Pocket LOOX N520, N560; O2 Xda: diamond (pro), orbit (2), comet, star; T-Mobile: MDA Compact IV, MDA Touch (Plus), Vario

Installation on PDA with CAB file:
GPS-Mate 3.0.1 incl. demo map/tour (3641kB)

GPS-Mate Free for Android (German/English)

Android 2.2 and higher
e.g. Acer Iconia A50x; Motorola Xoom, Defy, Milestone; HTC Tattoo, HTC Legend, HTC Desire; Samsung Galaxy S, S II, Galaxy Tab; Dell Streak

Installation with APK file:
GPS-Mate Free 3.2.4 incl. demo map/tour

GPS-Mate for Android (German/English)

Advantages of the registered version:

Installation for registered customers:
GPS-Mate 3.2.6

For what requires GPS-Mate permissions in Android:

Fine GPS location: GPS-Mate shows your location in the maps using GPS.

Read contact data: You can send your location or a meeting point as SMS text message. You choose the recipient from your address book.

Send SMS messages: To use the function explained above you can send a position SMS.

Receive SMS: If you receive a position SMS, it is automatically processed and the info is shown in the map.

Read phone state: To use the SMS function GPS-Mate needs to know the phone state.

Full internet access: With GPS-Mate you can watch and store online maps from the internet.

Storage: You can record your own tours and save them to the SD card.

Record audio: For navigating outdoor you can prepare individual spoken hints for your waypoints. While on tour GPS-Mate is playing these automatically. The spoken hints are an important orientation and navigation feature without looking at the map.

System tools: If you have disabled GPS in the system settings and want to activate GPS within GPS-Mate it asks whether it should open the system settings. You can then easily access and control your settings. Also GPS-Mate has a setting to keep the screen on when it is running in the foreground. So you do not have to change the system settings yourself.