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For all active in leisure and outdoor: GPS-Mate for PDA, PNA, Smartphone and PC/notebook!

You have a Pocket PC PDA or a Smartphone with an internal or external GPS receiver? Or is it a mobile navigation system (PNA) for your car?

While hiking, sailing, biking, mountain biking, ski touring, diving, flying or motor biking your navigation software and maps can't help you anymore?

Just import digital or scanned topographic maps and satellite images as bitmap file in GPS-Mate and calibrate the maps. Or you use ready-to-go GMM maps or online maps like OpenStreetMap, OpenCycleMap, OpenSeaMap, Google Maps or VirtualEarth. Your GPS position is shown on the map. GPS-Mate maintains unlimited maps which can also overlap. When in GPS-locked-mode the maps are automatically tracked with your position.

Record your tours, set Point-Of-Interest (POI) markers and add your comments. These tours can be exchanged with other GPS-Mate users and you can import tours. Get tours from the internet in the widely spread formats GPX, KML, LOC or TXT onto you mobile navigation device or PDA. (e.g. The ideal support for preparing and postprocessing your tours is GPS-Mate for Windows. Plan, manage and analyse your tours on a Windows PC.
Also find your GeoCaches with GPS-Mate. Add your own POI icons to the POI folder and give the tours your own touch.